A Different Kind of Vulnerability

I’ve always liked the idea of blogging. I have found a liking in writing and the more I write I find myself loving it. If you look through my phone, I have countless amounts of notes and subjects and ideas and quotes and thoughts from people, books, articles, and most importantly from my experiences. As I look through my notes, some of them have become lost and forgotten, some have become ingrained in me and some have become a story that even as I read them, I couldn’t believe I wrote it.

For years I’ve struggled whether I should start blogging or not and actually share what I have written and share what’s on my heart. As I think about this idea, fear comes and holds me back and now I finally figured it out why. If it has to do with anything with our heart, with our passions, what we hold most dear to us, we do our best to protect it.

Our heart is what we hold most dear. Our innermost being.
We don’t want to let people in, so we hide that which is sacred.
We protect that which is most valuable to us.

We ask the questions:
Do I have anything worth sharing?
Can I really write something worth reading?
What voice do I have?
Will people be blessed by it?
Will people value it?

Writing is a different kind of vulnerability.

Writing is about inviting people in and opening up and letting others take part of what you have and sharing about the things you have experience and how they have impacted you in someway.

This is where fear comes in. This where the temptation to hold back is the strongest. You open yourself up to criticism and opinions. But the question is, am I gonna let that hold me back?

This is one of reason the Biblical Narrative is fascinating to me and had become an inspiration. We read about broken humanity, about real people with real struggles, experiences and questions as they go about living.

And they decided to tell their story.
They told stories about their experiences.
They told stories about their encounter, with people, in different places, at different times.
They told stories about their participation with the Divine.
They had something to share, so they decided to write.

Somebody wrote something.

They didn’t let anything hold them back from telling their story.
We have this ancient book full of stories because somebody wrote something.

And so I have decided to write something.
It’s an art form and one that I want to get better.

I know I have many more to learn but this is the start. With anything, there’s a progression. It means 5 years, 10 years, even 50 years from now, the way I write/speak/think will not be the same. But it has to start somewhere. Every story has a beginning and every story means its going somewhere. I might not know know where it’s heading as of now, but I choose to move today.

And if I don’t take ownership of my writing and my story, how can I expect others to take ownership of it and be blessed by it.