What You Carry

The way most people react to you is dependent in your countenance towards them. If you keep a positive attitude in the midst of another’s frustration, don’t be surprise if their reaction and response becomes positive. I’ve seen it countless of times working with different kinds of people and in different places.

Most of the time I walk into a house or place of business and I can feel the tension and frustration of people because things aren’t going the way they want. I can see it in their face and in the way they talk. But that quickly changes when I start talking with a smile on my face like nothing is wrong. I love it. They started in frustration then ends up smiling and laughing at the problem with me.

One of my core values has been to not let situations and circumstances dictate my emotions. When you realize that you can bring joy into any environment, other people’s frustrations and problems won’t have any effect on you. It’s amazing and it freeing.

Will it happen all the time? No. But you always have a choice in the matter. Is it easy? Not at first. But with everything there is a process.

When you change the way you think, the way you see will change. When the way you see changes, the way you do life changes. People will wonder why you’re so happy all the time not knowing you carry something….Someone.

Know that you carry joy and know that you carry peace.

May you realize that you carry Him.