Embracing Change: A New Season

Today marks my 2 years living  in Klamath Falls. I’ve never thought I would come here and have this place impact me in such a way that it did. I have met people who would forever be in my life as lifelong friends.

What Have I Been Doing?

While living here, I’ve been working as a Computer Technician going to residents and businesses all over Klamath Basin. I definitely have gotten to know Klamath well, probably more than most people who have lived here for years. I got to go to people’s homes and while fixing their computers had the most awesome encounters and conversations. I’ve also had situations where I got to pray for a couple of people and saw them healed. It’s amazing how much you can learn if you just take time to listen. I basically got paid talking to people, hear their stories and learn from them.

And fixed their computers, of course.
How cool is that?

I’ve also been working with youth for the past couple years. I got involved in leadership with a ministry called YoungLife and with a youth group at Faith Tabernacle Church.

Before getting involve with YoungLife, I asked God where I was with my walk with Him. I moved to Klamath Falls for work and because my friends were here, but I wanted to know where I was going with Him. I heard Him say,

“You’re in a molding process. As you dig deeper into Me, My heart will be revealed and You will know me more.”

When I asked God about being involved with YoungLife, He said, “You can either let this be a part of your molding process in getting to know My heart or not.” I decided to get involved and He was right! Just the few months I was here, I’ve seen His heart for the kids. Some of the stories I hear from them are so intense, at times I don’t even know what to say. The situations and circumstances they’ve been in, I’ve never dealt with when I was their age.

There are a few that I have gotten close to and know and definitely will have a place in my heart forever. 

Like I said from an earlier post, this year has definitely been an adventure. Though, the journey doesn’t stop here. My story is still being written and it’s going somewhere.

The Gospel is an invitation for you to trust your heart again.

I first heard of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. through my awesome/best/lifelong friends, Josh and Brandie Wilson back in 2010. They were attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and have invited me to come there a couple of times. Let me tell you, the Christian bubble that I was living in, well, it bursted and exploded and has become  irreparable. Once your eyes have been opened, you can’t go back. This is a place where they breathe the supernatural. Signs, wonders and miracles are constantly seen. Love and honor and kindness and covenant friendship has become the culture there. But most of all, their highest value is the Father. They are all about His heart, His presence, His love, His friendship. That’s where everything flows.

All the healing, salvation, deliverance, favor, culture, creativity, blessings flow from this One thing: HIM.

For the last four years, it’s been in my heart to go there, but I knew it wasn’t the right time yet. In my relationship with God, if I was to ask Him what I should do, I would always hear Him reply back with another question, “What do you think you should do?” Every decisions that I have made, from moving out from my parents to taking a job right after high school then moving to Klamath Falls, He never told me to do it because this was His will for me. I’ve always wondered about it but then it dawned on me one day.

In a relationship, it’s not just one person who makes all the decisions.

He let me make those decisions because He trusted my heart enough to make it. And if I make a mistake, He will be there to catch me. So many times we get caught up in searching for the “Perfect Will of God” not knowing that our relationship with Him is His Perfect Will for us. We just got to walk in it.

BSSM, here I Come!

Last year, I got the opportunity to go to the Philippines with the Bethel Team. It was an awesome experience being able to go back to my country. It’s been 12 years since the last time I was there, so setting my foot in my own country felt like a new place to me. Prior to going to the the mission trip with the students from Bethel, I had to make a couple trips to Redding for mandatory meetings. During one of those trips, that’s where my heart opened once again about going to school there. I was definitely taken back about it but with excitement. After that, I heard the Lord say, that year wasn’t the time I was to go back. I had to wait another year. My time in Klamath Falls wasn’t done yet.

So January 1st of 2014, I went online, filled the application and submitted it. Scheduled my interview via Skype on January 8th.

They told me I wasn’t going to hear back from them for about a month, the next day I got an email confirmation saying that I was accepted to the school! Say what?!

Preparing for transition.

I haven’t really made any significant steps in making a transition this past couple months. Some people knew that I was moving to Redding but have not announced it on my Social Media yet. I’ve waited long enough anyways, so I decided to announce it for my two year anniversary living here in Klamath.

I’m planning on moving around late June/early July, but if circumstances doesn’t allow for that, mid August. I am still looking for a place to live in Redding, so I will probably going to take a couple trips back there to search.

Definitely keep me in your guys prayer

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  1. Josh Wilson

    So excited for you!! Can’t wait to see what God does in you and through you! You will have MORE than enough for every good work that God has prepared in advance for you to do! Favor! Favor! Favor!

  2. Cynthia A.

    Kuya. This is part of why I love you. You see the heart of the Father! It has taken me years to learn these things you have wrote from your heart….I am so happy for you. He loves us so much, and he TRUSTS us to hear His voice…He doesn’t expect us to be right every time…He loves us through all this. He just wants that relationship. That love. Our hearts.

    You will be SO missed…but we are SO thrilled for you. You are a waterwalker that is NOT afraid to get out of the boat. You are covered in our prayers.

  3. Joy Trigg

    Christian- YOU have been an amazing gift of GOD to our family this year, and hopefully forever. We are all indebted to you in so many ways. You have encouraged my children, been the best example they could ever see, prayed for healings that have COME TO PASS- etc. Like Immanuel’s back- his scoliosis is GONE!

    We want to help support you the best we can. I would like to offer $10 a month, and Lord willing, with a new job secured for me that pays well, we could up that.

    What I need from you are regular newsletters with a link to pay support. OK? Can you do that? We are SO PROUD OF YOU, and I feel a little tremble to think you will not be around. Maybe we could just move to Redding. Not really kidding. You have been that much of a comfort and mainstay to my family. It used to be torture to try to get them out the door to go to church, and now it isn’t hard at all, thanks to you. Not just you, but I said before it was probably something like 75% you. (Of course, David and Natalie have started to fill in the gap that you are going to leave.) It makes a DIFFERENCE when people feel accepted, loved, and like it matters to someone that they are there. You have been that for them. Please keep us in your prayers that my kids can be strong enough without you. Yes, the tears all falling freely right now.

    LORD BE WITH YOU, Christian! We want to be a part of what God has for you in his kingdom, AMEN.

    Joy Trigg

  4. Christine

    Brother! I love you. ((: I wish that I can be there to help you pack, find a place, and decorate your new habitat. This is another transition in your life and I am beyond excited. I just am, so super stoked for this journey ahead of you. Here’s to growing and growing deeper in His love.