A Friend of a City

It was April 27 when I was at Bethel Church and Eric Johnson was speaking. At the end of his message he asked a question that got ingrained in my heart and in my mind. You know, when you hear a  statement, a question, a quote, or even just a word that you can’t seem to shake off from your head.

He asked, “Will you be a friend to a city?”

This question resonated in my spirit. It got me thinking this past 2 years living here in Klamath Falls. I got to work for an awesome company that gave me the opportunity to be at people’s houses and businesses. From the openness of their heart, they shared their experiences and heard their stories and gave invaluable life lessons. At times, I even had the privilege of praying for people to receive healing. I saw a back, a wrist and an elbow healed in the workplace. I saw peoples frustrations turn into joy the minute I walked in and even more so after their problems have been resolved. It was a blessing meeting different kinds of people from different walks of life with different mindsets and perspective to hear and learn from. Fixing computers wasn’t just a job to me, it became an opportunity to hear people’s hearts.

Each person has a universe inside of them and if you just take the time to listen, it’s amazing what kind of things you’ll discover.

Even though my time has come in this city, one thing I know for sure, I will be forever a friend of Klamath Falls and to the people that is in it. Whether this journey takes me overseas to another country or somewhere in between or to return and live there again, Klamath Falls will be forever in my heart. The many communities that I got to connect and fellowship with have become very dear to me. All the YoungLife boys and the Faith Tab Youth that I got the honor of leading was humbling. I am glad that I got to be a part of their story even in this short amount of time.

Upon leaving Klamath Falls, my prayer is that I left it better off than when I first came.
I pray that whatever seed that was planted in its soil will increase and flourish beyond anything I can think of or imagine.
I pray that love would grow even stronger for one another.
I pray that more people will take the time to get to know Klamath Falls and befriend it.

Because when you think you’re blessing the city by becoming its friend, you’ll soon realized that you were the one who got blessed.

So I asked you the same question, “Will you be a friend to a city?”