Lines and Scratches and Scribbles

Before you read any further I want to highlight this article I saw a few days ago. It was a Mom taking her 2-year-old daughter’s doodle and creating something magnificent!

An artist turns her toddler’s doodles into gorgeous paintings.

Now, looking at those paintings, doesn’t it make you want to say, “wow!” ?

On the left you have her daughter’s doodle and on the right you have her Mom’s rendition of her work.

At first glance you see nothing but lines and scratches and scribbles. But when the Mom, the artist, looked at her daughter’s doodle she starts to see something else. Creativity, imagination, something beautiful is about to be released through this doodle. Through her paintbrush, the artist breaths life into her daughter’s scribbles.

Upon seeing that, it dawned on me:

It takes a different set of lenses to see something out of what seems to be lifeless, nothing, and  has no purpose .

Let’s take that mindset and apply it to our life. So many times we can look at our circumstances and even who we are as something worthless, that we’re stuck and life no longer has purpose. We start to believe that there’s no way out of our situation. Problems, pain, wounds, rejection, inadequacy, unworthiness and unlovely becomes the lines and scratches and scribbles in the canvases of our lives. There’s no other way of looking at it. This is it. This is what I have to work with. There is no hope.

But what if there is another way of looking at it?
What if the lines and scratches and scribbles of your life are the birthplace of something beautiful?
What if we don’t have to believe that our problems, pain, wounds, rejection, inadequacy and unworthiness has the last say?
What if we can see differently?
What if there is hope?

Remember, it takes a different set of lenses to see something out of nothing.
So the million dollar question is: How can I see differently?